YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL IS PROBABLY AN EAGLE, WOLF, OR DOLPHIN, but when I saw this guy’s mug, I knew he was the one for me. And I like the name. Emu. A bit odd, scary and funny at the same time. I’d love to have him by my side in a bar fight. If I ever went into a bar these days..or fought. I’m more of a run-away-er.

I never knew much about emus, but just Googled them. Interesting birds. They go to bed with the sun and then get up five or six times during the night to pee or read books on their Kindle.  Hmmm….sounds familiar. They’re kind of docile, so wouldn’t be much help in the above mentioned scenario except maybe the intimidation factor from their size. Oddly, the young stay with their father vs their mother the first few months of their lives and I was more of a daddy’s girl than a mama’s girl, so that fits.

And this was cool…once the female lays the beautiful, big green eggs, it’s the male who incubates them. Why have humans not adopted this system? He sits on those eggs for months, just living off his body fat while the female goes off and does whatever she wants. Wow. Maybe she has spa days or meets other free female emus for lunch at Nordstrom’s.

All in all, I love this goofy bird. And if you’re wondering what a post about emus and spirit animals is doing in my author website blog, well, I have no good answer except to say that going down little side trails like this makes me a better writer somehow. Stirs up the creative juices!

(Full disclosure: my real spirit animal is the snowy egret, but that’s another post.)

What is your spirit animal?