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LIES THAT BIND: Logan Book 6

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A violent murder during the rumrunning days of Prohibition set two families on very different paths. In 2020, when a Collins is killed and an Ellis is accused, Logan has to dig through the tangle of secrets and lies binding the two families together to uncover the truth before the killer takes another life. . .

Things are changing for Logan McKenna. She’s buying a fixer-upper with Ben on the Oregon coast and is about to meet her half-sister, Olivia, who, until last year, she didn’t know existed. Both acts require huge leaps of faith, something Logan is often short on. But the remodel is going smoothly and Logan begins to relax and even look forward to the upcoming visit with Olivia.

Before Logan gets the chance to meet her new sibling, a young woman, Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Collins, is found dead—drowned in the pool of The Collins, her family’s landmark Depoe Bay hotel.

Was this a horrible accident, or murder? Emerging details are murky. Logan and Olivia soon find themselves inexorably drawn into what is starting to look like a homicide investigation. With no hard evidence, the police are focusing solely on Wade Ellis, Charlie’s fiancé, who had means and opportunity, and according to at least one person, plenty of motive and absolutely no alibi.

In Lies That Bind, Davisson explores themes of mental illness, jealousy, shame, and guilt as well as the redeeming power of love, trust and community.  What makes a murderer? Are killers born or bred?  One thing’s for certain, secrets never stay that way and only love can heal.

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Reviews for TIES THAT BIND

“Rum runners, jealousy, murder—Davisson’s latest is a mystery/thriller worth losing sleep over!” 
— LW Book Stash