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LOST AND FOUND: Logan Book 9

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Following the success of In Plain Sight, Valerie Davisson delivers another fast-paced, thrilling mystery set on the Oregon coast. This time, the stakes for Logan McKenna have never been higher.

Commercial crabbing is a dangerous business. Add murder to the mix and you wind up with at least one dead body and impossibly tangled threads of fact and fiction for Logan to unravel to find the truth. The more she learns, the less she knows. No one is as they seem.

Sam asks her to help defend a friend, but is he innocent? With more than one life at risk, she can’t give up. Pulling out all the stops, Logan inches closer and closer to the truth. But can she catch the killer before her own life is ripped away?

One thing’s for sure. Logan will never let them get away with murder.

Reviews for LOST AND FOUND

Lost and Found is a tight, complex story with characters you can root for – and against.”
 Kevin G. Chapman, author of the award-winning Mike Stoneman Thriller series.

“As usual Davisson has an intriguing mystery for Logan to solve. I always look forward to her books because she is a very thorough researcher and you know the picture she draws is authentic! Both her characters and her stories feel real.”
—Mickey B.

“I don’t know how she does it, but every book is original, fresh, and I can’t go to bed until I finish reading it! The stories don’t shy away from tough topics, either. Authentic dialogue, unique characters, and well-researched. I live in the area she writes about and it’s spot on.”
—Michael E.

“Davisson is a great storyteller taking you from plot through the detailed who, what, when, where and how.”
—Ronda H.