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My goal is to write the kind of books I like to read—mystery series with strong, independent, protagonists who solve crimes, but also evolve over time as they struggle with whatever life throws their way.

It’s a high compliment when people tell me they’d like to know Logan McKenna in person. I wish she were real, too! She’d be a great friend to have in a pinch, particularly if you were accused of murder. I like putting her into impossible situations then see how she digs her way out.

I spend a good amount of time on research. In the series, you’ll find storylines involving everything from sea otters to Vietnam, Native American culture, crypto currency, glassblowing, and an underground railroad for women escaping spousal abuse. I also love nipping around the edges of the human psyche—wondering why and how my bad guys become twisted enough or pushed hard enough to kill, what constitutes family, and how love and friendships are discovered, tested and strengthened.

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