WRITING A LOVE SCENE IS TOUGH! In this book, the third in my Logan McKenna series, I’m trying to hit the right balance: sensual, but not graphic, and definitely not bodice-ripping romance novel stuff. I’m aiming for enough passion to make you want to go hunt down your partner, but not enough detail to help you pass an anatomy class.

Lovemaking can be playful, quick, searching, fulfilling, frustrating, passionate, soul rocking, or all of the above. I love writing about how real passion often sneaks up on us – happening at odd moments of intense emotions that manifest in our bodies, not necessarily the rose petals on the bed, preplanned rendezvous.

Writing about sex for its own sake doesn’t interest me. It’s been done to death. If we all don’t know by now what a climax feels like, well…see a doctor. And I refuse to throw in gratuitous, graphic scenes just to make my novels seem more ‘gritty’ or ‘real’.

Lovemaking is very real and much more interesting than mere sex.

My protagonist, Logan McKenna, is in her early forties, beyond the flutterings and fumbling of youth. She and her neighbor, Ben, have histories, trust issues, and broken hearts, but they also know who they are and increasingly, what they want. Could they have found it in each other? Will it last?

There’s nothing more powerful than two strong, loving people coming together. I’m having fun seeing what happens with these two.