CHECK OUT THE COVER for the new book, the third in my Logan McKenna Mystery/Thriller series. I had so much fun writing this one. It brings Logan back to Jasper, her Southern California coastal home town. Here’s a peek…

It’s summer, and with a new job, a new love, and plenty of time for her music, life is good.

After rescuing an orphaned otter pup on a morning beach walk, Logan and her daughter, Amy, home from Africa, help nurse it back to health at the new Southern Sea Otter Center. But powerful storm clouds soon swirl around the center, threatening the lives of all who touch it. More than one person lays claim to the property, and the stakes are high. Each wants it badly, but for very different reasons.

With no resolution in sight, death soon dominates the calendar, exposing deep layers of deceit, greed, and painful, personal loss. The sharks in the water are dangerous, but the land predators, more numerous and deadly. Logan and those she loves must face the raging storm, using everything they’ve got, to stop the killer, before more lives are lost.

Amazon reviews are pure gold, so if you purchased one of the first two books, SHATTERED: Logan Book 1, or FOREST PARK: Logan Book 2, a short review would really be appreciated.

Thank you to those readers who have already left great reviews!