I am happy to announce that the audio version of FOREST PARK: Logan Book 2 has just been released! Buy it at today at Audible.com! 

For those of you interested in offering an audio version of your own book, check out ACX. Just as Create Space gave new authors and small publishers a way to have a print version without a large, up-front cash outlay or giving a cut to a distributor, by using print-on-demand, ACX allows newer authors to get their books out in audio form without paying a narrator first.

My publisher handled the details, but essentially, she put up some sample chapters from FOREST PARK, and had narrators audition.

It was so much fun when the first auditions started rolling in. I had no idea people could read the same lines so differently! Some voices dripped with seduction, which would be great for a steamy, romance novel – not exactly what I was going for. Others seemed more suited to Young Adult or relating the history of Ancient Egypt.

One of the readers who auditioned for us had a rich, deep, gravelly voice we instantly loved; but unfortunately, he made all the characters, including my main character, Logan McKenna, a woman in her 40s, sound like crusty, old prospectors from the Wild West. It was hilarious!

We were beginning to get discouraged when Leonor Woodworth’s tape came through. She did a great job and we know readers will enjoy her voice.