IF YOUR NEW YEAR’S GOAL HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH HEALTH you probably know you need to drink more water. But how much? For a 175-lb woman, that means about 117 oz or ~15 cups of water per day. More if you’re going to be very active. Yikes! Half of your coffee or tea counts, but eventually, you gotta chug some water.

No matter how good your water is, that gets boring pretty quick. Enter flavored water! You could buy it, but that gets expensive, not to mention containing artificial sweeteners that actually spike your blood sugar, not to mention all that plastic being bad for the environment, so…it is super easy to make your own. I started small, just by slicing up some oranges and lemons I had in the fridge and tossing them into a liter container. Add water and voila! I sweeten mine with Truvia, but you could drink as is or use monk fruit, honey or whatever you like. I keep a pot of fresh mint outside my kitchen door and that works great with cucumbers, too. Here are some other ideas to get you going!