WHILE DOING RESEARCH FOR LOGAN BOOK 5, I managed to snag a spot in the last Shop at the Dock event of the summer in Newport, OR. The 90-minute walking tour teaches locals and tourists alike about the fisheries, boats, and what to look for when selecting fresh fish. Then they turn you loose to buy directly from the boats if you want to and come prepared with an ice chest and a wad of cash. Most only sell whole fish, so you may want to bring a buddy.

Wanting to try something new, I picked up some Black Cod, also known as Butterfish. Googled it and found a recipe that used what I had on hand: soy sauce, limes, rice wine vinegar, and some fresh mint. Only took 20 minutes, start to finish. Let me just say…

BLACK COD IS DELICIOUS! Here’s the Martha Stewart recipe.

I love being a writer! I get to learn so much and meet the most interesting people. There are entire worlds out there we know nothing about. I snagged some business cards and emails for people I want to interview later…Book 5 is going to be a fun one to write!