TIME TO JUMPSTART YOUR WRITING ENGINE? I dug into my bookshelves—physical and electronic—and have some titles for you!

Some are classics which I hope you have already discovered, but are well worth dipping into again. A couple are new ones that I plan on reading myself. Reading books on writing is the poor woman’s writing conference-ha! Not all of us can afford to leave home, family, and slim bank balances behind for a 4-day writing conference in Chicago or New York. Even a short, weekend jaunt can easily cost you almost $1,000 when you include hotel, flight, and meals. I go to a conference every other year or so. Sometimes I’m so busy writing I don’t have time—or even feel the need—to go more often. Particularly when there are so many awesome books, blogs, and online author groups.

So….here are a few of my faves…try a few!