LINCOLN COUNTY READERS ROCK! Over 40 book lovers turned out on a rainy, stormy afternoon last Thursday for my Dark and Stormy Night author event in Lincoln City. A big thank you to Hobbes for the invitation to present and everyone at the Driftwood Library who helped put this event together. What a wonderful opportunity for writers and readers to get together.

We only had an hour, so after a short journey into the Power of Story, including a glimpse at one of the first heart-stopping series ever told..Sheherazade’s 1001 Arabian Nights, we took a few minutes out to experience Natalie Goldberg’s Wild Mind writing exercise, then talked about the origins of the Logan McKenna series. Attendees got to meet some of the characters, including Marmo, a new addition to the gang. We spent the remainder of our time in the Q and A just talking books, writing, and then ended our time together with Cookies and book signings.

Many of the attendees already had purchased my books, so a big thank you to those who bought additional books as gifts, and all of the new readers who bought their first one!

What a wonderful group of people! Thank you again for coming out!