TODAY WAS ANOTHER JOYFUL DAY in my life as a writer! I spent the day with a violinist who shared her love of music, her instrument and many of the ins and outs of being a musician and how individual and unique each musician is. Some compose, some play, some struggle, some float—and often they travel back and forth between all of the above.

Many are trained as children and then take a break to work and have children, then pick it back up again later in life. They lust after those instruments that really resonate with their bodies and souls. I learned many new things, such as that bows and violins are not purchased as ‘sets’ but individually. Each have a certain ‘sound’ the musician is looking for.

So interesting! Since I play nothing but a few chords on the guitar. I am re-inspired to pull my guitar off the wall and get back to playing! My fingers are tender, but I learned a new trick! You can put those invisible bandaid things on your fingertips to help if you’ve lost the callouses. Can’t wait to try it!

Logan’s career and her relationship with her violin, Bella, are about to take on new dimensions in Book 6! Stay tuned!