RESEARCH IS THE GARDEN from which our stories grow. How much do you appreciate good research? I love learning new things, so the authors I enjoy generally bring something to the table for me to gnaw on – spiritually, intellectually, personally.

If you’re a writer, how much research is enough? Too much? Are you ever worried you’re wasting time doing a ton of research for your novels, or are you stuck for your next story idea?

I don’t know how it works for other writers, but for me at least, it’s only when I begin to dig into an area or subject that interests me do story ideas start popping into my head. I just start talking to people, walking around the area, listening, smelling, eating the local food, and reading about it online, which leads to phone interviews, lunches, and libraries. Before you know it, I’m outlining the story with specific scenes and characters in mind already.

I love books that have obviously been researched well and have a ton of fun doing my own. Are you a reader who expects accuracy and interesting information in your stories, as well as well-written characters?